Sunday, September 12, 2010

पशुओं के प्रति क्रूरता निवारणःनियम अधिनियम और सूचनाएँ
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updated second edition on public demands under print - A book in Hindi on animal related laws in India from :
Naresh Kadyan,
Master Trainer, Animal Welfare Board of India,
Founder chairman of People for Animals ( PFA ) Haryana,
Representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection
- OIPA in India


OIPA - International Organization for Animal Protection, is an International Confederation of associations (today, 170) for the animal protection and for the defence of animal rights all over the world. Founded in 1981 by Milly Shar Manzoli, OIPA is a Non Governmental Organisation associated to the UN Department of Public Information since 1992. The purpose of the Organization consists in the defence of animal rights and in the defence of the animals from every kind of mistreatment. It also follows the purpose of improving the public health through the abolishment of any kind of animal experiments throughout the world. The Organization wants to bring its contribute for a better, a healthier and a more human world, for a medical science that is not based on violence, for a more efficient sanitarian structure, for an ecologically clean environment. Animals need help from all of us.

We are so happy to introduce our new Representative in India.
Naresh Kadyan is newly elected as a OIPA representative for India, but he is very much active with results in the field of animal rights & their welfare, he had been a Duty Magistrate during prohibition policy in the Haryana State & Master in Journalism & Mass Communication, Master trainer for the Animal Welfare Board of India, Nodal inspecting authority for AWD, Govt. of India, nominee CPCSEA, running an NGO called - PFA HARYANA - as its founder Chairman, compiled a book on animal related laws in Hindi - & next verson in English is under print, running ambulance & shelter for animals in distress, as many as 40 PIL's like opposition of Elephant polo - wild life trophies -, misuse of oxytocien injections on milking animals -, cruel illegal animal transportation, misuse of langur -, infirmaries

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